Here at the University of St Andrews we offer a unique combination of ancient quads and modern state of the art facilities. 

For those looking for a modern setting we have a world class conference centre, The Gateway. This impressive contemporary venue located at the entrance to St Andrews offers a large lecture theatre, 10 break out rooms, and a large central well area– all on the one floor.

The New Medical School which opened in June 2011 has been designed to meet the needs of todays conference market.  It is an exciting mix of innovative design, flexible meeting spaces, integrated AV facilities and offers a large modern exhibition space.

The Arts Building was completed in 2007. It offers a large lecture theatre and 9 impressive seminar rooms, lots of natural daylight, fully embedded AV, and views of the sea.

The North Haugh is home to many of our larger venues. Physics, Maths and Purdie all offer large lecture theatres and many smaller rooms that are ideal for breakout space.

As Scotland's oldest university we also offer beautiful historic facilities set in ancient quads: The Schools and Lower College Hall are very popular as they offer a traditional setting and state of the art AV.

The photo gallery will give you a flavour of the venues that we can offer. If you have a specific event in mind please contact us to chat about your requirements in a little more detail and we will recommend the venues that will best meet your specific needs.

Alternatively why not come to St Andrews for a site visit and we can show you what makes us the perfect conference destination.